Validating a Product and the Story of SumoJerky with Noah Kagan – SPI TV, Ep. 38

This week on SPI TV, I’ve got the amazing Noah Kagan with me for a very special live appearance. Noah is the founder of AppSumo, and he’s here to share his incredibly valuable experience with vetting and testing business ideas.

With the release of Will It Fly? is just around the corner, I knew it was time to dig into this idea of product validation with you guys. As Noah says, it’s so easy to become trapped in a state of “playing business”—spinning your wheels and avoiding risks rather than doing business. Noah relates his advice for getting out of those ruts and taking meaningful action on your business ideas.

He also shares the great story behind one of his latest businesses, SumoJerky, and what that experience taught him—even as a seasoned entrepreneur. Take a look!

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