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Click here for the podcast! (it's an affiliate link, but my podcast is free!)
Click here for the podcast!

Today is November 24th, 6 days after the launch of my podcast, The Overwhelmed Brain. If you’ve been following my journey so far, you’ve probably been most interested in download stats and the things I do every day to get the word out there about my podcast. Well, I know that’s what I’d be interested in!

Yesterday was interesting. The downloads saw a boost, most likely because it was Saturday. And my website showed only 39 visits yesterday. I think the trend is that people will not come to your website just because you have a podcast. Since I want to drive traffic to my site too, I definitely want to change that. However, I need to update my site badly, so I am not too unhappy that no one is visiting right now. Getting a static front page and perhaps a better opt-in gift for email subscribers will do wonders I’m sure.

Anyway, a couple things I learned today. Libsyn, the media host I use for my podcast, has great stats. Many people already know this, as did I, but I just realized today that their Statistics page shows the locations from where the show is being downloaded. Check out this screenshot:

libsyn referrers

As you can tell, it’s not just iTunes where my podcast has ended up. I believe iTunes to be the blank row at the top. What’s interesting is that there are podcast sites out there that are grabbing my RSS data and using it on their site. I have never heard of a couple of the sites on this list. Regardless, I think the only entity they may be affecting is iTunes. If people can get their favorite podcasts without going to iTunes, Apple will probably not be happy.

So, since you got a peak of the total download stats (which is actually yesterday’s screen shot), let’s get into some other stats: Rankings and daily downloads

Current rankings in New and Noteworthy:

  •  #34 in all New and Noteworthy (#39 yesterday)
  • #1 in the Health category (#3 yesterday)
  • #2 in the Business category (#3 yesterday)
  • #2 in the Education category (#2 yesterday)

Wow, #1 in Health! That was the main category I selected for this show: Health>Self-help. Another “Wow”, #2 in both Business and Education. The weekend has been good to the show.

#1 is a challenging spot to get. I know very good podcasters who were thrilled to get #2, and never beyond that. But #1? What’s the formula? I do wonder if iTunes throws a show in there every now and then for no reason other than to generate buzz. But, I won’t complain. Having a show in that spot, even if for a day, is an honor.

So what have I done to promote the show this weekend?

  • I’ve written another podcast journey blog post (the one you’re reading now)
  • I emailed the guests I had on my show to let them know that their interview is now in front of millions of people. This may prompt them to promote themselves and the show
  • I shared a Facebook post from The Slight Edge Facebook page. Jeff Olson, the author of The Slight Edge, (aff link) was on my show
  • I reached out to my social networks to get comments on my post about Wesley Chapman, whom I recently had on the show, and released his interview today.
  • I posted on Wesley Chapman’s Facebook wall congratulating him for breaking the record of highest number of downloads in one day (see the stats a little further down the page)
  • I subscribed, and left ratings and reviews for other podcasters
  • I continue to comment, and provide input to everyone I connect with online

Value, value, value is the game I play. I spend over 50% of my time promoting and helping others. It really eats up my time, but it’s so worth it. I give people feedback on their websites, their blogs, and podcasts. I mentor where I can, and try to help people find answers to problems. I don’t get near as much back as I put out, but if I didn’t do any of this, I would get nothing back. So, I’m a strong believer in giving what you want to get.

So, here’s one thing that happened today as a direct result of creating and releasing my podcast: Other podcasters are starting to notice me, and wanting to connect with me. My good friend Alex Barker of The Leadership Dojo Podcast has introduced me to a couple people he thought may be a good fit for my show. Just an amazing guy! But things like this are starting to happen more as I put myself out there more.

I used to be private, not sharing anything online. Ever since I opened up and connected with people, all I get are people who support me and want me to succeed. Of course, these are all relationships I contribute to in every way I can, so it’s never a one-way street. But putting myself out there just continues to provide more opportunities.

Anyway, let’s find out if the download numbers have anything to do with my position in New and Noteworthy.

Here are the download stats for the past week:

Nov 18 (launch day):  69 downloads
Nov 19 :  188 downloads – up %136
Nov 20:  240 downloads – up %22
Nov 21: 248 downloads – up  4%
Nov 22: 289 downloads – up 15%
Nov 23: 444 downloads – up 35%
Nov 24: 510 downloads – up 13%

TOTAL DOWNLOADS Since November 11, 2013:  2238

The weekend appears to bring the download numbers up significantly. On Saturday however, I had the same lineup of shows. On Sunday though, my numbers rose dramatically when I uploaded Wesley Chapman’s interview. In fact, his interview grew at a faster rate than any of the previous four shows. That particular show got downloaded 265 times today alone. That’s a record. It’s the first show that’s broken through like that in one day.

So there are several possibilities why this show was downloaded more times in one day than all the others:

  1. It’s Sunday. My podcast has not experienced a Sunday yet. Though the other shows only got around 100 downloads
  2. Wesley is a popular guy. People like him, follow him, and jumped right in when he tweeted about it
  3. People like the material. Understanding the entrepreneurial mind is a subject many people might be fascinated with (I am!)
  4. I have many subscribers. You see, I have no clue how many people are subscribed to the show. But if there’s a lot, then when I released this episode this morning, all of those subscribers were informed. This could have boosted the numbers considerably.

Regarding #4 above, iTunes doesn’t share how many subscribers you have. They won’t. I’m sure they protect that like Coca-Cola protects their secret formula. So I could have two subscribers, and I’d never know it. However, if we were to consider that the show is now #1 in the Health category of New and Noteworthy, I’m willing to bet the number of subscribers had an effect.

Since my ratings and reviews seem to have slowed down a bit (not many people rate and review podcasts I’ve noticed), I’m thinking the formula to getting ranked higher in iTunes has more to do with number of downloads in a day and subscriber count more than anything. In fact, there is a podcast in New and Noteworthy right now called Fox and Food that has zero ratings or reviews. Yet, it’s there.

So, lesson for the day is Get Subscribers. Though, remember that ratings and reviews help you get subscribers too, but I don’t think having more R & R will have a very big impact myself. I don’t look at reviews when I see a podcast I want to listen to, I just listen to it. If I like it, I subscribe. Of course, I rate and review every one I listen to, but I think that might not be everyone’s behavior.

Web stats:

Nov 18 (launch day):  48 pageviews, 2:07 average time on each page
Nov 19 :  405 pageviews, 2:47 average time on each page
Nov 20:  202 pageviews, 3:40 average time on each page
Nov 21: 100 pageviews, 2:08 average time on each page
Nov 22: 65 pageviews, 0:31 average time on each page
Nov 23: 53 pageviews, 1:48 average time on each page

Yup, it’s confirmed, the podcast alone is not bringing traffic to my website. Website traffic will have to be generated in other ways. With so little time, I definitely need help, or need to quit my job sooner. I’ll keep going full force on the podcast and make it rock. And the website will just have to get updated when I get more time.

My next major task is buying a lighting kit to start creating intro videos for the podcasts. That should be fun!

Feel free to leave your comment or question below.


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  • Paul, super info here! Love the detail, and I love the way you delve into each stat and really dissect it to try and figure out the “why”. I hope this is the last time I ever hear you talk about being even remotely glad (even if it’s phrased as “not too unhappy”) about the low traffic on your site. 🙂

    • Ha ha! You totally got me there Kate! Thank you for your comment. Believe me, phase 2: Site Exposure is coming very soon. Love the feedback. 🙂

    • Why thank you Kate! I love getting into stats ; )

      And you totally got me! Ha ha, I’ll raise my hand and solemnly swear that I shall never be remotely glad about the low traffic to my site again. Yeah, my site is lacking, but I swear I have it on my list! Seriously, I’ll be working on it this weekend. Thanks for the slight push in the right direction.

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