The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 5

Click here for the podcast! (it's an affiliate link, but my podcast is free!)
Click here for the podcast! (it’s an affiliate link, but my podcast is free!)

Today is November 22nd, four days after the launch of my podcast. If you missed my previous post, I announced that The Overwhelmed Brain entered the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes.
You can read yesterday’s post here.

Currently, the show is still listed in New and Noteworthy. It’s been four days since launch, let’s take a look at my rankings:

Current rankings in New and Noteworthy:

  • #39 in all New and Noteworthy (#44 yesterday)
  • #3 in the Health category (#3 yesterday)
  • #5 in the Business category (#3 yesterday)
  • #4 in the Education category (#2 yesterday)

Here’s what I’ve noticed. The rankings vary throughout the day. For example, earlier today I was #45 in the All category of N & N, but as of 8:54 PM, I am #39. My thought is that when people subscribe, and stream shows, the rankings change. Otherwise, now that I have a presence in New and Noteworthy, I need to continue to take action to get as many people to notice me as I can. 

8 weeks is the maximum amount of time a podcast can stay in New and Noteworthy. So now is the most important time to reach out to as many people as possible and help them subscribe, rate and review my show. From what I’m told, subscriptions are the most important way to get ranked. Ratings and reviews however are a good way to get subscriptions, so they go hand in hand sometimes.

So what have I done, or will I do, to promote the show today?

  • I’m staying engaged with my Launch postings in Facebook. I’m responding to comments and compliments continuously
  • I’ve written another podcast journey blog post (the one you’re reading now)
  • I will be emailing the guests I’ve had on my show to let them know that their interview is now in front of millions of people. This may prompt them to promote themselves and the show.
  • I came up with an idea that I may implement this weekend: Adding bonus shows to my current weekly show. These would be just me talking, and teaching what I know about personal growth, hypnosis, and Neuro-linguistic programming. These are very interesting subjects to a lot of people, and I have a lot of background in all three.
  • I will tweet about a show that one of my guests is on, on their twitter feed. According to my friend Steve Young with the Mobile App Chat podcast, doing this almost always gets you a retweet from the guest

This weekend I have two podcasts to edit, creating episodes 5 and 6. After that, I have no one lined up. So I will definitely be reaching out to at least 10 people for interviews. Need to fill up the queue a bit more – don’t like being down this low. My own fault, of course. As I’m still working a full time job, I’ve had no time to do everything I need to do to really get this show into orbit. However, come January, I will have quit my job and will be doing this full time. Yes, quitting, with no promised money in site. But, that’s how determined and focused I am to make this work.

Speaking of focus, let’s take a side step for just a moment to make a good point. My friend Justin Williams, who has a very good podcast on flipping houses, has one of the more unusual, yet powerful, strategies to get focused. He waits until the last possible minute to do something, so that he gets hyper-focused to make it happen. It’s almost a Do or Die mentality. That’s a little too close to call for me, but this guy is totally motivated, and gets big things done in little time. I think the pressure of needing to get something done no matter what is really what makes things happen for him. I was like that in high school. I’d wait until the last night to do my book report (when I had three weeks to do it), and I’d have it on the teacher’s desk in the morning. The problem was, I was not very successful doing it that way. So for me, I need more time to complete tasks. For Justin, he dominates his time and makes things happen quick. Guess we’re all wired differently!

Anyway, got off subject there for a minute. So before we jump into stats, I’ll share with you one thing that that happened today as a direct result of releasing my podcast. Someone I don’t know contacted me directly through my Facebook profile asking me how I got into the New and Noteworthy section. I thought that was pretty cool! Having one person contact me may not seem like a lot, but you’ve got to remember, if one person does it, the potential is there for more. You just need to keep working at the strategy to make it happen over and over again. Being in N & N does generate interest, because it’s a destination to which many podcasters want to travel. So that alone is enough to attract people. But there’s always more to do on that front. 

So here’s the juicy stuff: Stats!

Nov 16:  13 downloads
Nov 17:   21 downloads – up 62%
Nov 18 (launch day):  69 downloads – up %304
Nov 19 :  188 downloads – up %367
Nov 20:  240 downloads – up %78
Nov 21: 248 downloads – up  4%
Nov 22: (as of 9:45 PM): 289 downloads – up 15%

TOTAL DOWNLOADS Since November 11, 2013:  1219

Steady rise is good. The real data will come after the second week, since that’s when I can start looking at trends. I might find that downloads go up on certain days, and down on others. I should be able to tell if I get more or less downloads the higher ranked I am. The data will come together for a bigger picture soon. 

I have seen very little web activity. I think one of the reasons is that I still haven’t built a static front page. Someone may hear my podcast, then go to my website and say, “What the heck is this?” because all they see is my latest blog post. Not good. I will be building the static front page this weekend. In case anyone is interested, I use Bluehost for my hosting and the Genesis Framework and Lifestyle theme for my WordPress site (both affiliate links).

OK, my previous web stats were telling you how many visits I was getting. I was incorrect about those numbers. It wasn’t visits, it was page views we were looking at. Sorry about that! Here’s a quick lesson on page views versus visits:

  • A pageview is added when a page on your site appears on a visitor’s screen. The only pages that get counted are those that have the Google Analytics tracking code in the page
  • visit is calculated as a single visit (regardless of number of pages they view) to your site

Web stats:

Nov 18 (launch day):  48 pageviews, 2:07 average time on each page
Nov 19 :  405 pageviews, 2:47 average time on each page
Nov 20:  202 pageviews, 3:40 average time on each page
Nov 21: 100 pageviews, 2:08 average time on each page

Now there are a lot more analytics I could include here, but I haven’t gotten enough feedback about these posts to really know if it’s worth including them. If I get enough requests, I’ll start including them. Otherwise, the last 3 days have shown a decline, which is interesting. I just arrived in New and Noteworthy, yet my web traffic declined. It’s opposite of what I thought would happen. However, after reviewing the source of my traffic, I now realize that the majority of my traffic is coming from Facebook. When I posted on Facebook, I got 280 clickthroughs to my site.

Now that I know this, I realize that I need to build up my Facebook following to a larger amount. That is the primary source of visitors to my website, thus far.

Oh, almost forgot one more piece of data. I have a Google Alert set up to alert me when Google finds my name on a website. Well, my alert today said that I appeared on a site called, which is weird. I don’t know who they are, but they are streaming my shows. I have a feeling they grabbed my RSS feed and just took off running with it. I don’t know if this will help or hurt me, but it’s odd because they never contacted me to ask if they could do that. Tough call here… do I let it slide because they are promoting me? Or should I contact them letting them know they do not have permission to stream my show. I think I’ll let it slide and watch analytics for a while. Hey, who would turn down free promotion anyway!

In conclusion, it hasn’t been a busy day for website related activity, but the podcast has definitely increased in downloads and popularity. No email subscribers today, and I probably won’t see many more for a while, as I predict my web traffic will not increase. The podcast alone is not bringing traffic to my website, so I will be considering other ways to drive traffic.

Countries that have downloaded the show so far. In the lead: US, second: Canada, Third: UK.


Feel free to comment or ask any question below. I’m happy to help!


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