The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 31

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Click here for the podcast!

Today is January 5th, 2014, 48 days after the launch of my podcast.
Countdown: 8 days left in New and Noteworthy

It has been fascinating to watch the rankings this week. TOB has ranked all over the 3 categories it’s in, and even off the charts a couple times (not in a good way) in All Categories of N & N. However, as of now, here’s where the show stands:

Latest iTunes rankings: 

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #23
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #1
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #1
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #1

At least the final week of N & N is off to a good start!

The last episode (the holiday show, #5) was released on the 29th. Since then, the only other one I released was this morning. However, I am still getting very good daily download numbers. In fact, I finally broke 2000 downloads in one day!

At first, I thought it was strange. I’ve not been promoting the show (any more than normal), nor have I released any episodes for days, but my download numbers keep going up. My guess is that every person who finds the show for the first time ends up downloading the rest of the episodes, causing an exponential increase in downloads per person. Nice to see the download numbers this high. At least the show can make a graceful exit from New and Noteworthy.

I’m super curious about this morning’s release. Will the numbers keep climbing as they have been? Will I ever have such a dud that the show will buckle under its own crapulence? Only time will tell. But so far, there does not appear to be a ceiling to the incline rate. 

Here are the most recent download stats from libsyn:

  • December 29th: 1826 downloads
  • December 30th: 1587 downloads
  • December 31st: 1285 downloads
  • January 1st: 900 downloads
  • January 2nd: 1474 downloads
  • January 3rd: 2234 downloads (!)
  • January 4th: 1442 downloads
  • January 5th: 1097 downloads (Wow! And still have most of the day left)

Total downloads to date:  40,036  (was 34,308 four days ago)

40,000 downloads – Another milestone! Alright! Wonder if I can do 50k in a week. Now if I could only translate downloads to dollars…

As long as the upward trend continues, I’m thinking the show will end up in What’s Hot after New and Noteworthy, as that seems to be the only kind of life after N & N. And since the show is still growing, I think I need to start thinking about sponsorship or advertising. I don’t and do want to do this.

I don’t because I really like the flow of the show as it is now. So adding an “ad” in the middle of it, will certainly alter the flow. However, I am thinking about doing something special with the ad space I’ll be creating so it doesn’t turn people off. I have ideas and will keep posting here.


Stay tuned…




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  • Trevor Kimball

    More fantastic download numbers. I don’t think you’ll have any problem surpassing 50k this week. I feel the same way about ads but if you can find sponsors that will benefit your audience, it’s a win-win for everybody. 🙂

    • It’s crazy really! The numbers just keep going up. And I’m still with you on the iTunes rankings. They appear to coincide with the previous day’s download numbers.

      50k this week? I think you’re right. This morning’s release gave me another spike. As for ads, yeah, without any income, an ad or two would be very welcome right now. But, going to wait until it’s the right time. When my download numbers fall into the abyss, I need to rebuild the audience again. Going to be a fun January!

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