The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 3

The Overwhelmed Brain podcastToday is November 20th, 2013, two days after the launch of The Overwhelmed Brain podcast. I posted yesterday about my day after experience, so I thought I’d follow up with the day after my day after experience. I hadn’t watched the stats in libsyn at all today, because I didn’t want to obsess over them. But I do share the end of the day stats below.

But before I get into that, here’s what happened today as a result of launching my podcast two days ago:

  • Was invited to a podcaster’s hangout with Alex Barker of The Leadership Dojo Podcast, Jessica Kupferman of Lady Business Radio, Wesley Chapman of Entrepreneurial Success Radio, and Steve Young of Mobile App Chat. For me, it was an absolute honor to be in the presence of some extraordinary people doing what I do, only better. Sorry for all the links, but they all deserve a mention.
  • I gained one subscriber to my weekly email list (I got six yesterday). There’s probably no rhyme or reason for the numbers yet, as it’s too early to view trends. But it will be interesting to watch them rise and fall.
  • I guest posted on a website called The Internet Business Handbook. In full disclosure however, I wrote the post before the launch. However the owner of the site published it today which I appreciated, since it coincides with my launch.

Now we’ll get to the juicy stuff: Stats. 

As of 10:00 PM PST, according to libsyn, the total number of downloads today is 240. This is up 52 from yesterday. Hmm, maybe I need to make a progress chart so it will be easier for you to see the rate of increase. Let’s see if this works:

Nov 16:  13 downloads
Nov 17:   21 downloads – up 62%
Nov 18 (launch day):  69 downloads – up %304
Nov 19 :  188 downloads – up %367
Nov 20:  240 downloads – up %78

If you’re wondering how I had downloads before launch day, it’s because I provided my libsyn RSS feed to iTunes the week before. It normally takes 3 to 5 days for iTunes to review and confirm your podcast, but it only took them 12 hours for mine. Which means I now had to scramble to get my site ready for the traffic I might face. I wasn’t expecting for it to be live on iTunes that fast. I thought I had days to get everything ready. Which leads us to web analytics.

Since show launch, web traffic has increased. Here are the stats:

Nov 16:  10 page views
Nov 17:   47 page views
Nov 18 (launch day):  48 page views
Nov 19 :  277 page views
Nov 20:  Won’t see these until tomorrow.

Well, there you have it on all the stats. As for my podcast, I’m getting tons and tons of positive feedback! Not just in the reviews, but people contacting me personally telling me how much they love the show. One person gave me a very welcome critical point too. He loved the show, but he said my voice tended to be monotone quite a bit during one of the interviews. I told him “you’re so right!” It’s true. I could hear it too. Monotone and almost hypnotic. That can work for some shows, but I need to keep it livelier.

In the first few shows, I was just concentrating on so much. My sound levels, the guest, the next question to ask (and if that question would properly segue from the last), the recorder, background sounds, just everything! In fact, one of the bigger lessons I learned after the first four shows was that I was not recording at a high enough volume. I tricked myself into thinking I was louder than I was, because I could hear myself fine through the earphones. However, the final result was about half as loud as my guest. That’s now corrected because I learned to use the Gain and Level knobs on my mixer. Gain is at 70% and Level is at 50%. This works well for my setup.

So, I am getting much more comfortable behind the microphone now. My voice no longer stays monotone. Doing more audio and video chats (not interviews, just regular calls) is really helping me find my voice. I believe the show will improve drastically as I master all the nuances. Mainly because I won’t have to think about all the complexities any more, giving me the liberty to relax.


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  • Hello Kimberly! Thank you, I’ve enjoyed writing about it (thanks for your iTunes review too, what a nice surprise!)

    You’ll hear this from almost every podcaster out there… Your first 4 or so shows, you will be spending hours editing each one to perfection. Getting rid of the awkward pauses, the ums and aws, and other things. Then you’ll hear podcasters tell you not to worry about editing too much, and just let your shows be as they are (editing the more major stuff out of course).

    In my opinion, DO spend a lot of time editing your first few shows. Make them perfect. During my first few shows, I was so concerned about sound levels, equipment functioning properly, keeping up with my notes, and timing my next question, that I could barely speak because I was so focused on everything else! So, I did a lot of editing (4 to 6 hours each show) to put together something half-way decent.

    Quite honestly, I was just nervous. I had to edit out my stutters, my ‘getting lost’ parts, and also, especially, ramp up the sound levels through software because I wasn’t that good with my hardware yet.

    Now however, I just recorded my 7th show, and there will be hardly any editing needed at all, mainly because:
    -I’m now more comfortable behind the mic
    -I found out the proper ways to use my mixer and other devices
    -I can actually listen and respond to my guest authentically, instead of trying to align and segue into my next question (used to stress me out)

    So, bottom line, If you’re totally comfortable behind the mic, and didn’t have the issues I did, you probably don’t have to do much editing. People like hearing the real, raw stuff, mistakes and all. I personally like hearing when the host messes up, because I can relate!

    However, if you are kind of overwhelmed by everything you have to do while recording an episode, and find yourself struggling to make things work the first few episodes – I say Yes, spend the time editing to your heart’s content. This will do two things: 1. Give you peace of mind, and 2. Help you become a pro at editing audio. And once you’re a pro editing, you will be able to do it at light speed.

    After a few shows, you won’t need to edit much. However, if by show 8 you’re still taking hours to edit, definitely write to me! We’ll figure out why. Sorry this is so long-winded, but I hope it helped!

    • Kimberly

      Thanks Paul,

      Your advice is very helpful! My biggest mistake is that fact that I have not been editing as I interview. I now have 20 interviews in “the vault” that need to be edited. I’ve edited 4 of them and it has taken forever! So, it feels abit overwhelming to envision gong through the next 16 – so huge lesson learned there.

      I guess just one taped podcast at a time 🙂

      Thanks again,

      • Kimberly,

        The best thing to remember is as you said one podcast at a time. Feeling overwhelmed is a big issue, but I can tell you first hand that it will all pay off in the end. If you look at my site and the niche I have created around it there are thousands of podcasts available and that grows each day. I have to keep grounded and think that one at a time is all I need to do. Once I got that mindset I have been able to blow it out of the water. Just keep your FOCUS and you will do fine.


      • That’s awesome Kimberly! That’s a lot in the hopper. Do you notice that you’ve gotten better with each one? If so, maybe there’s not so much editing to do after all.

        What exactly are you editing out anyway? Is it just your ums and aws? Or, just silence? If you left your ums in there, and only edited the silence, it would go a lot faster (it’s easy to see silence using an editing program).

        I do agree with you though. I like the idea of editing each one right after recording. I’ve not been doing that myself though : S, but it’s a good idea!

        Have you noticed there’s less to edit with each show though? I mean, our interviewing typically gets better over time – and I’m assuming yours did too.

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