The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 24

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Click here for the podcast!

Today is December 22, 2013, 34 days after the launch of my podcast.

Well, I released show #9 this morning. Let’s revisit my prediction on how it would do. Here’s what I said in post #19:

So if I were to predict how many downloads I’ll get for my next release, assuming the current trend continues, I would say it will be 9 times what I typically see with new listeners. If I guestimate that there are about 150 new listeners per new release (who subsequently download the rest of the episodes), I predict that my next release this coming Sunday will bring in 1350 downloads in the first day (9 episodes times 150 new listeners). Anything on top of that I’d guess is my subscriber count.

We’ll ignore some of the minor grammatical issues with the above paragraph (Hey, I typically write these when I’m about to fall asleep!), and go straight to the numbers.

Here are the download numbers from libsyn:

  • Dec 16: 1177 downloads (1 day after new release)
  • Dec 17: 863 downloads (2 days after new release)
  • Dec 18: 754 downloads (3 days after new release)
  • Dec 19: 786 downloads (4 days after new release)
  • Dec 20: 585 downloads (5 days after new release)
  • Dec 21: 667 downloads (6 days after new release)
  • Dec 22: 1381 downloads (New release today)

Total downloads to date:  19,750  (was 18,359 yesterday)

Whoa, so close! However, the day isn’t over yet. There are still 3.25 hours left before midnight. But still, pretty good guess if you ask me. Tomorrow’s number I predict will be larger, considering Monday is a day of commuting for many podcast listeners.

The current iTunes New and Noteworthy rankings:

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #24 (#34 yesterday)
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #1 (#2 yesterday)
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #1 (#2 yesterday)
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #1 (#2 yesterday)

The power of 1! Funny how it was #2 yesterday, but this morning, it was #5 or so in all three categories. But now it’s number 1 again. I’ll take that. : )

Interesting to note, Fox and Food, whom I’ve mentioned in a previous post, was number 1 for a few days. Then they disappeared! I searched for them today, and they are still in the new and noteworthy section, however they are number 700 or so. Wow, amazing how fast you can disappear into the haystack. Not sure what they did, but they may need to revisit their strategy. I do see that they still have no ratings and reviews. But, they had none when they reached the number 1 spot to begin with.

I guess it’s possible they were not niched down enough. Or maybe not enough subscribers perhaps? Unknown, but an interesting study how some stick around like mine (and many other very good shows) and some drop off a different cliff. Still in N & N, but no longer visible on the front page.

Two things I’ve done a little differently on my show recently:
I removed calls to action during the outro. I used to ask for ratings, or reviews, or subscribes, but I removed those altogether.
I also added a monologue before the interview. I mean, I had one, but it was more of an intro to an intro. However, I added a short monologue on the subject, injecting dry humor and cynicism to it, to make it more provocative.

More of my personality is coming out, and I’m still learning to get more comfortable behind the mic (it’s something I continually work on). Oh, almost forgot, I change my music intro (not the music, just the intro during the music) with every show, so it’s never the same thing twice. I figure that’s one thing people appreciate. They never know what I’m going to say, so they listen to everything just in case.

Will be uploading the Holiday Blues show in a couple days. Should see some very educational results from that, since it will be a 5 day special.

Stay tuned…







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  • Trevor Kimball

    Congratulations on exceeding your estimate! Here’s hoping that the trend continues next week!

    I’m curious to see how the holidays will affect your downloads. On the one hand, people aren’t commuting so may not be downloading as many podcasts. On the other hand, people do travel for the holidays. Also, some will be getting new electronic devices and will want to add content to them.

    • Trevor, I am grateful your support! And I see that you noticed my keyword planting. Yeah, wanted to try “Stress” out again. So far, yesterday’s release is a massively downloaded show (1207 downloads in less than 48 hours), so MAYBE the keyword ‘stress’ had something to do with it. Or MAYBE more people are subscribing and downloading the new episodes automatically, regardless of the topic. I also added some humor (very dry humor) to the beginning of the latest episode that may have contributed to the big numbers. Regardless, as long as the numbers are going up, it’s a good indication I’m doing something right.

      And fantastic point about the holidays. There was hardly any traffic on the road today. And people may have already left for their vacations, so no normal commuting traffic. Still, today (Monday) is shaping up to be as good as last Monday, but I don’t think today will beat yesterday with the download numbers.

      It’s a risk releasing episodes around this time, because I may get little response. But the wonderful thing about podcasts is that they are timeless. And a show I do on Christmas could be the most popular show ever in July! :

  • Trevor Kimball

    Oh, and I’m curious if you’ve noticed any correlation between the downloads for each episode and the Popularity bar next to each episode in iTunes?

    • Yup. It seems the bar does correlate with the amount of downloads. The bar’s status updates slowly though. So it may be behind.

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