The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 21 – Month in Review And All Download Stats!

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Click here for the podcast!

Today is Wednesday, December 18th, 2013, 30 days after the launch of my podcast. The show is still ranking between 1 and 5 in three categories of iTunes New and Noteworthy. It’s time to give up the month of download stats in one big post.

I want to show all new podcasters what topics saw the most downloads, what states and countries have the most listeners, and the average growth of the show over 30 days. And stay tuned for the bonus content below!

Let’s start with the topics. I’ve listed each topic, with the average downloads per day, total number of downloads for the month, and the percentage of all downloads combined per topic, all sorted in order of least popular topic to most popular:

Persuasion & Influence 48 1497 9.25%
Leadership 50 1521 9.40%
Passion and Purpose 438 1755 10.80%
Manipulative People 63 1972 12.18%
The Entrepreneurial Mindset 79 1971 12.20%
Personal Growth Author 71 2299 14.20%
Career 212 2327 14.30%
Stress 148 2662 16.40%

Now, this is a tad misleading, because each episode is released a week later than the next. So with each release, there are old listeners plus new listeners, making the newer episodes more popular than if they’d been released when I had fewer episodes altogether.

However, there’s no doubt that stress is a very popular topic to talk about. This episode has been out for about two weeks now, and it has been kicking butt. Of course, the guy I had on, Robert Ridpath, was an excellent guest who really knew his stuff too. So, a great topic with a great guest probably helped a lot.

My thought is that you can take any niche, add the word “stress” to it, and have a highly downloaded episode. Another topic that surprised me was the career episode. That really took off. I wonder if it’s because many podcast listeners want more out of life. Or perhaps many are entrepreneurs, and many others want to be.

The  average increase of downloads per day is 2.63%. If this rising trend continues, by the time the show reaches the full 56 days of iTunes New and Noteworthy, the number of downloads will be approximately 30,000.

Though this prediction will likely be too low, mainly because I have two multi-episode shows coming up. It will be interesting if I can pull in the same numbers daily as I can weekly. If so, then multiply the above number by 2.
Since the multi-part episodes last 5 days each, it’s possible they can bring in the types of downloads I typically see after every new release (about a 1000+ per day right now, and rising).

Here is a table showing the countries that downloaded the show, from most downloads to least (many countries excluded as the data was just too small to include):

Country Downloads
United States 14402
Canada 396
United Kingdom 164
India 85
China 82
Unknown 68
Japan 66
Australia 64
Netherlands 56
Sweden 43
Korea, Republic of 41
Germany 36
Ghana 32
Thailand 29
South Africa 29
Norway 27
Mexico 26
Saudi Arabia 26
Philippines 24
Brazil 21
Peru 21
Iran 20
Bulgaria 19
New Zealand 18
United Arab Emirates 16
France 16
Italy 16

Obviously, my show is not that popular outside the U.S., however, the numbers only grow, never shrink. So world-wide impact is happening.

Imagine knowing exactly where and who to target your content (or ads) to? The countries list above provides some information, but let’s drill down into some actual regions. This is where we can really hone in on specific demographics.

When we know where the listeners are, we can use that information to make our show more relevant to certain areas (if we want):

Region Downloads
California, United States 2536
Texas, United States 1077
New York, United States 896
Unknown, United States 629
Florida, United States 624
Pennsylvania, United States 538
Illinois, United States 479
Ohio, United States 463
Georgia, United States 459
Massachusetts, United States 429
Michigan, United States 401
Virginia, United States 393
North Carolina, United States 375
New Jersey, United States 370
Washington, United States 360
Colorado, United States 330
Arizona, United States 321
Oregon, United States 297
Maryland, United States 289
Indiana, United States 232
Wisconsin, United States 220
Minnesota, United States 210
Tennessee, United States 195
Connecticut, United States 192
Utah, United States 161
Missouri, United States 154
Kentucky, United States 135
Alabama, United States 133
South Carolina, United States 127
Nevada, United States 126
Ontario, Canada 114
D of C, United States 103
Louisiana, United States 101
British Columbia, Canada 89
Maine, United States 83
Oklahoma, United States 82
Kansas, United States 81
Hawaii, United States 75
Alberta, Canada 74
Iowa, United States 71
Unknown 68
New Hampshire, United States 65
New Mexico, United States 63
Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, & Canada, United States 59
South Dakota, United States 59
Noord-Holland, Netherlands 53
Vermont, United States 50
London, City of, United Kingdom 46
Idaho, United States 45
Nebraska, United States 45
Quebec, Canada 43
West Virginia, United States 43
Montana, United States 41
Mississippi, United States 35
Rhode Island, United States 33
United Kingdom 32
Japan 30
North Dakota, United States 30
Canada 29
Korea, Republic of 28
Karnataka, India 27
Greater Accra, Ghana 26
Delaware, United States 26
Wyoming, United States 26
New South Wales, Australia 25
Delhi, India 23
Arkansas, United States 21
Tokyo, Japan 19
Stockholms Lan, Sweden 19
Maharashtra, India 18
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of 16

California, Texas, New York, and Florida (and unknown! But who knows where that is) obviously have a lot of podcast listeners. I compared the locations on the above chart to the location of members in the mastermind I belong to and it’s amazing how close they are. There appears to be more entrepreneurs in the areas listed above than anywhere else. I can’t see any other reason those numbers are higher in those states.
Entrepreneurs are a tech-friendly crowd, and probably listen to podcasts more than anyone.

Of course, I got a piece of fan mail from a teacher the other day. Not exactly an entrepreneur… though I have a show about personal growth! So I will be attracting a diverse crowd for sure.

Wow, lots of information to digest. Sorry about that! But, it can be helpful to watch trends, and understand your demographics. Are you in New and Noteworthy and have quite a different story to tell than me? Let me know! Not too many people, if any, are being open about their numbers. Would love to know where you are on your journey too.

So let’s conclude and go back to what we’re all used to seeing in every post – iTunes rankings!

Here are the current iTunes New and Noteworthy rankings:

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #22 (#27 yesterday)
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #2 (#3 yesterday)
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #2 (#3 yesterday)
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #2 (#3 yesterday)

All 2s! Sure, 22 is not exactly 2, but it’s still a great place to be, considering the alternative (off the charts completely). This is kind of surprising tonight, since my download numbers have fallen the last couple days (under a 1000). Still, those are giant numbers compared to the rest of the time I’ve been on, but it’s funny how yesterday I was lower in the ranks with higher downloads, now today I’m higher, with lower downloads.

Goes to show it’s probably a lot about how many subscribers one is getting.

So there you have it. That is my first epic post! Of course, what kind of post can call itself epic without a bonus? Not this one, that’s for sure!


Here are 11 ways that you can land guests for your podcast. Every time I figure out a new way, or learn about one from someone else, I add it to my list. There are more too! But I gotta save some for later, right?

11 Ways to Land Guests for Your Podcast

  • Go through the Contact page on their website (usually the most common way to get a hold of someone)
  • Reach out to podcasters in your niche. The host of a show usually knows a lot about the niche, and can also refer guests
  • Find author info in Amazon, under the New Book Release page (then contact them!)
    Also, authors for not so recent books might like the attention too!
  • Go through your Twitter followers. There is a huge potential for guests in there.
    Then, just tweet them a message!
  • Sign up with HARO Caveat: Your website is supposed to have an rating of under a million. However, since you have a podcast, you might be OK.
  • Look for guests on youtube (i.e. TED talks and other shows in your niche, etc)
  • Look for media relations companies, and ask them if they have anyone you could interview. Bigger guests (celebrities especially) will utilize media relations companies to schedule interviews.
  • Facebook fan pages. You can often message potential guests directly on their fan page
  • Bloggers in your niche would likely love to do an interview
  • Reach out to other podcasters. They usually enjoy being the guest – it gives them a break from being a host!
  • The more podcast friends you have, the more likely you’ll receive referral guests out of the blue. In other words, I’ve received a couple, high-quality guests from a fellow podcast referring them to me

If you want to land a really big fish, make sure you do what you can to provide them value. Promote their stuff. Write a blog about them, then tweet it to their followers. Just remember to always provide value.

If someone wrote about me, talking me up, it would definitely get my attention. Of course, I’m not famous (yet), so you could probably land me as a guest a bit easier than someone like Anthony Robbins.

Did you learn anything new? Do you have any questions? Feel free to post your comment below.

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  • Trevor Kimball

    Fantastic info and great tips Paul! I think your numbers are excellent and it makes sense that they would start to decline as you get further away from the release date of your last episode. When you start releasing more than one episode a week, I suspect you’ll only see minor peeks and valleys. 🙂

    • Thanks Trevor! The numbers decline but the episodes are still getting downloaded, which goes to show you the staying power of podcasts. As soon as someone finds your podcast, and they like it, they will download all the other shows too. I look forward to adding more shows in January (last day of JOB is Monday the 23rd!).

  • Wow, great post Paul! Very detailed and insightful… definitely had some good takeaways especially about “Stress and Career” …. I guess people are stressed out in life and want to find ways to reduce it and maybe they are exploring options for a new career. Thanks!

    • Yes Anthony! Stress and Career so far are the biggest draws. I can’t wait to explore more subjects, then narrow down to the most popular. Thanks for your comment!

  • Holy cow, this is an epic post. I’ll keep this to reference several times.
    GREAT information. Thanks for sharing, Paul.

  • Paul, this is incredible – I love it! California representin’! Congratulations on your podcast launch and the success you’ve seen thus far. I love the downloads breakdown by topic as well – what killer information for you to have at your fingertips. Hats off to you for keeping up on this stuff because these types of things (knowing your audience member this well) is only going to make it that much easier for you to give them exactly what they want. Cheers to an awesome post!

    • Whoot! Yeah, love your enthusiasm Kate! Thanks so much for your comment. What an excellent takeaway. Not only does getting to know my audience help me succeed, but it also helps them when I provide content they are looking for. I love win-win! : )

  • Celest Horton

    Great Post Paul! I am in awe of your download numbers. They are awesome! I am going to try your suggestion and add the word “stress” to one of my Podcast titles and see if it helps my downloads. Also, I would be really interested in hearing your follow up after New & Noteworthy. My numbers fell so dramatically after New & Noteworthy that I wonder where those initial listeners disappeared to. Curious to see if any other fellow podcasters experience the same phenomenon. Thank you for sharing!!

    • The cliff is coming Celest! New and Noteworthy will be a distance memory in about three weeks for me, but I’ll be sure to note every detail, keeping tabs as I am falling into the chasm. My biggest priority right now is to show the listeners that I will continue to innovate, experiment, and bring nothing but value to the table. If I’m compelling and appealing enough, then I will have gained enough subscribers to have somewhat of a head start when it all goes down.

      Sorry to hear about your numbers! It is what I fully expect as well. But persistence is the key in this game I think. I wonder, are your numbers at least always rising?

      Thank you so much for your amazing comment!

  • Wow….just awesome Paul! This is what I call an EPIC post! Congrats, and thanks for sharing this with all of us. Many people, including myself will find this very helpful 🙂

  • Justin Williams

    Navid is right! Epic indeed. Great takeaways and I love the analysis on the data. Nice!

  • I love seeing the growth. Just imagine adding another show per week, you would have a lot more downloads.

  • Wow, you are just giving it all away, Paul. It’s true that your topics are very relevant and your show is like yoga for the brain. I love how you share the show’s progress here. Keep bringing the goods! 🙂

    • Hey thank you Melinda! I appreciate that feedback! Yoga for the brain? Wow, great tagline! Wonder if it’s taken… Just checked. Yep. ; )

  • Well done, on producing a very successful podcast and thank you for being so prepared to be transparent about the journey. Really loved your stats. So there are 225 downloads in the US for every one in Australia. Even given that the population of the US is 15 times greater that’s a lot more. My guess its a snowball effect. Once it gets up high in the New and Noteworthy, more people see it and then download. Well done on the steady increase in downloads.

    • Thank you so much for your reply Christine! I didn’t get notified on your reply, so sorry I missed it! 😀 But I’m glad I found it now. My 8 weeks in review is coming shortly, so it will be interesting to see the stats compared to now. I think you’re right about the snowball effect for sure!

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