The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 20

Click here for the podcast!
Click here for the podcast!

Today is Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 29 days since the launch of my podcast.

I gotta keep this short, as I need to work on my “Epic” post for Thursday (sorry, I won’t be posting Wednesday the 18th because day 30 ends on Wednesday, and I want to include the entire 30th day in the next post). I will break down all my stats for the last 30 days, and really go into details of the number of downloads per episode, per day. It may sound kind of boring, but I promise to make it interesting. You may learn a bit about what podcast listeners are looking for too.

For example, wouldn’t it be nice to know what topics are more popular than others? I have some data you might like to see… and I am already using that data to create more shows based on popular topics. It will be my biggest post yet, that’s for sure!

Let’s get to the stats…

The current iTunes New and Noteworthy rankings:

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #27 (#38 yesterday)
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #3 (#4 yesterday)
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #3 (#8 yesterday)
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #3 (#5 yesterday)

Fun! Moved up again. Here’s a totally uninteresting note: 3 x 3 x 3 = 27. Just sayin’!

Here are the download numbers in libsyn:

  • Dec 11: 733 downloads
  • Dec 12: 656 downloads
  • Dec 13: 726 downloads
  • Dec 14: 576 downloads
  • Dec 15: 1052 downloads (new release)
  • Dec 16: 1177 downloads
  • Dec 17: 863 download

Total downloads to date:  15,518 (was 14,748 yesterday)

Ha ha, guess my 1000 a day isn’t every day. Yet. But the show is still moving forward, and still on the leader board. Though, the iTunes New and Noteworthy category is a blast to be in, and it’s exposing my show to (hopefully) hundreds of subscribers or more, this whole thing starts over again after the cliff.

There are 26 more days until my 8 weeks in the spotlight are up. There is no question the numbers will plummet, as no new listeners will automatically see me on the front page iTunes.

I think I’ll time an episode release so that it’s precisely the day after it falls off New and Noteworthy. That way, besides some organic traffic, I’ll have a very close estimate of how many subscribers I have. In other words, if after N & N lets me go, and my download count falls to 50 a day, but my next release brings in 200 downloads the first 48 hours, that will give me the closest representation of subscribers yet. As they will be the ones who’ve already subscribed, and that I took over the cliff with me! ; )

So tomorrow I’ll be working on my 30 Days In Review post. We’ll get to examine trends in a bigger picture instead of a tiny piece day by day. I think I’ll include a little bonus for the millions of people who will eventually read these posts too!

Stay tuned…







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