The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 2

The Overwhelmed Brain podcastYesterday, November 18th, 2013 was launch day! Preparing for launch has been the most exhausting experience. Right up until 12 AM on launch night, in fact. But the show is now out there, for the masses.

Well, let me rephrase that – I added my show to the 250,000 other podcasts out there. However, as small of a needle in this haystack I am, my show still got found by about 40 or so people before I ever told anyone about it. Isn’t that amazing? There are billions of people on the internet, doing billions of other things, and somehow 40 people found my show buried deep at the bottom of the podcast bucket! I’m humbled.

Anyway, on the night before launch, November 17th, I had 21 downloads. That’s quite impressive, considering that I felt like a mouse in the forest. I mean, I’ve had blogs that didn’t do that well after a year of being online! So to have that many people find my podcast with no promotion or mention of it anywhere may be a good sign of things to come.

By the end of the day November 18th (launch day), I had 69 downloads. That sounds small, but if you think about it, that’s a 300% increase in popularity, and visibility from the night before. Multiply that number by word of mouth, and those are some interesting starting stats.

Since I did promote my launch (through my Facebook groups, twitter, Linkedin, and also by asking my guests to post to their groups as well), I did expect an increase in downloads. But quite honestly, I had no actual numbers that I wanted to attain in mind. I didn’t want to know what was considered a good or bad number for a launch day (I still don’t know).
But what I do know, is that 69 unique people took time out of their day to listen to me. I’m very honored by that.

From this morning on, my focus is to get popular enough to be seen by the mainstream. That means I must continue to “launch” over and over again, everywhere I can. The true gauge of popularity is if a podcast hits the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes. Any podcaster trying to make it “big” wants to hit that pinnacle at launch.

However, I don’t so much care about “big”. I mean, I do want to get noticed. But, quite frankly, if all I ever had were 200 subscribers, that’s pretty darn awesome in itself! I remember Cliff Ravenscraft saying something in one of his talks that made me feel good about having that many people listening to your voice. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘Having the attention of 200 people is phenomenal. It’s like 200 people showed up to your seminar.’ How is that not successful? 

But let’s be realistic though, we all want a million+ subscribers, because we want to know that we’re affecting as many lives as possible with our message. So with that in mind, let’s talk about today’s statistics.

As of right now, November 19th, 9:30 PM PST, my download numbers for today only are 188. Pretty cool! 69 yesterday, 188 more today!

Not only that, something else happened I wasn’t expecting: I actually got 6 subscribers through my email opt-in form.
That just blew me away! I wasn’t expecting any, especially so soon. I had to stop and really soak that in when I found that out.

Those people took an hour out of their day to not only listen to one or more of my entire podcast episodes, but also go to my website and add their name and email to my opt-in form to subscribe to my weekly de-stress tips. When I saw those subscriptions come in, I nearly lost my breath. Not because I got excited about adding them to my subscriber list, but for the mere fact that these people took valuable time out of their day to listen to me. They then took more time to go to my website, and sign up for my weekly tips. Wow.

I am so honored that someone sees enough value in what I am offering that they chose to share their time and contact info with me. It is a responsibility and an obligation I truly cherish.

Wow. I got in front of 188 people today.

Most people don’t get that chance in life too often. It’s like having 188 opportunities to spread your message to the world. On top of that, there’s a chance that one of those people will be inspired to take action to change their life in some way. How cool is that?

In closing, I’ll share with you all the countries that have downloaded The Overwhelmed Brain podcast as of today:

The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Countries


PS: I’m finishing this article at 10:35 PM, and after checking the numbers again, there were 35 more downloads. I’m truly amazed.  


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