The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 19

Click here for the podcast!
Click here for the podcast!

Today is December 16th, 2013, 28 days since the launch of my podcast.

It’s official: The show broke a 1000 downloads for one day. Alright! Can’t believe it, but, it happened. I remember when I was lucky enough to get 100 or 200 downloads for a single day. But 1000? That’s a whole new ballgame.

So now that I gave away the ending, we might as well jump right into rankings and download numbers.

Here are the current iTunes New and Noteworthy rankings:

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #38 (#27 yesterday)
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #4 (#1 yesterday)
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #8 (#2 yesterday)
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #5 (#1 yesterday)

Still killin’ the top 10 in three categories. No complaints, and I’m very grateful the show is #38 in All N & N. Awesome, awesome rankings.

Let’s check out the download numbers in libsyn:

  • Dec 10: 615 downloads
  • Dec 11: 733 downloads
  • Dec 12: 656 downloads
  • Dec 13: 726 downloads
  • Dec 14: 576 downloads
  • Dec 15: 1052 downloads (new release)
  • Dec 16: 1177 downloads

Total downloads to date:  14,748 (was 13,142 yesterday)

Not only did I break a 1000 downloads on the 15th, but I got even more downloads on the 16th! I do believe this proves one point: The more shows you have during your New and Noteworthy time, the more downloads you will get. I do believe that as new people hear the show for the first time, they download the other shows (assuming they liked the first show).

If I have only 1 show on release, then every 1 person will download 1 show. Because I released with 4 shows, every 1 person is likely to download 4 shows. That’s four times the growth rate.

Now that I have 8 shows, that’s eight times the growth rate. It’s the compound effect. As long as a new listener likes the show, they will count as 8 downloads. That’s pretty cool! After New Years, I will have at least 13 shows to download, making every new listener a potential 13 times the download numbers.

So if I were to predict how many downloads I’ll get for my next release, assume the current trend continues, I would say it will be 9 times what I typically see with new listeners. If I guestimate that there are about 150 new listeners per new release (who subsequently download the rest of the episodes), I predict that my next release this coming Sunday will bring in 1350 downloads in the first day (9 episodes times 150 new listeners). Anything on top of that I’d guess is my subscriber count.

Of course, I’ve done some other math with my stats and came up with the 150 number. But I’ll save all that until I actually have lots of stats to figure this out.

Stay tuned for the Epic Post: The Overwhelmed Brain: 30 Days In Review where I go over the last 30 days. I share all the numbers and rankings from the last 30 days, showing the trends, and probably some math too (hooray for math!).

Stay tuned…


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  • Trevor Kimball

    Wow! Over 1,000 downloads in a day is fantastic — and it’s still a relatively new podcast. Congratulations Paul, your hard work is really paying off. I hope it’s inspiring to you. Just reading about your success is inspiring to me! Look forward to your big post and to seeing how many downloads your next new episode gets. 🙂

    • Thank you Trevor! I can’t wait to see you up on iTunes, looking forward to your show too. I get inspired every time I see the numbers. The good news is that when I see them lower than expected, I get motivated to do better next time.
      When I see them higher than expected, I get inspired to continue improving where ever I can. Constant forward momentum is what I want to continue, no matter what.

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