The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 15

Click here for the podcast!
Click here for the podcast!

Today is December 11, 2013, 23 days after I launched my podcast. There are 33 days until I drive off the podcast cliff (the 8 week maximum a podcast can stay in New and Noteworthy) in a blaze of glory, going from hundreds of downloads a day, to what I’m sure will be double digits a day. Another podcaster I know will be plummeting that cliff in a week or so, so I should have some feedback about that journey soon.

Since I started this show, I’ve received about a dozen emails: Several people asking to be guests, some podcasters asking to refer guests, a couple fan letters, and today, an inquiry about someone’s own growth. Before all this started, I really didn’t think about any of this. My initial thoughts when starting were this:

  • Wow, I love the idea of broadcasting. Sharing my voice with the world
  • Wow, there’s actually a chance I could monetize what I love
  • That’s all I want to do from this point on!

I am a little embarrassed to say that, yes, I thought about the money quite a lot. I want money. I love money! Money can sustain what you love to do. And I want to do this full time. But monetizing it means I’ll be able to up the production value, and start really taking the show in a bold direction.

Next month will be one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in life. I will have no work. No income. And be putting all my focus on my site and my podcast. It could be the biggest failure in history, or the most rewarding risk I’ve ever taken. As someone who doesn’t like to spend an extra quarter on a larger cup at a restaurant, I am facing my limiting beliefs head on. Should be fun! : s

Before we get to stats, I wanted to report that I just finished my first Holiday Blues interview. I will be creating a 5-day Holiday Blues special that airs Christmas day to New Years day. It’s mainly for those who feel a little blue or lonely during the holidays, and just want to cheer up a bit, as if a friend or two came over to chat for a while. It’s a massive undertaking for me, so getting it all recorded, edited, and produced in time for Christmas will take laser focus and determination (especially because my last week of my JOB is next week, which is also going to be a very busy week).  But, I’m totally looking forward to challenging myself, and getting it done. I predict a few sleepless nights on this one!

Anyway, let’s get down to business…

Current iTunes New and Noteworthy rankings:

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #29 (#31 yesterday)
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #3 (#2 yesterday)
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #2 (#2 yesterday)
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #2 (#2 yesterday)

The show is at or near the top quite frequently again (it lost some steam last week). My latest interview must be quite popular. Or more people are finding out about the show.
Not sure, but it’s all good so far! I am pleasantly surprised once again.

Let’s see what the recent download stats from libsyn are:

  • Dec 5: 300 downloads
  • Dec 6: 271 downloads
  • Dec 7: 286 downloads
  • Dec 8: 586 downloads
  • Dec 9: 694 downloads
  • Dec 10: 615 downloads
  • Dec 11: 733 downloads

Total downloads to date:  10,473 (was 9755 yesterday)

The 10000 download mark has been achieved! With 733 downloads last night (a surprisingly high number), the 10000 mark got crushed in no time. I say it’s surprising, because my trend has been:
-Show gets released on Sunday
-Downloads go way up the next day
-Downloads trickle down to a couple hundred by Friday or Saturday

But this week has seen a steady increase! I think I’ll stay the course, and keep focusing on the content. Rising numbers are always a good indication things are going well.

Over the next week, I have 6 people lined up to do interviews for the Holiday Blues show. Whoa. That’s a lot to take on. I can barely get one episode out a week, so having to put all this together by Christmas? It shall be a true test.

Stay tuned…


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  • Trevor Kimball

    Congratulations on the 10,000the download!

    I’m curious about your increase in daily downloads. Are you finding that the latest episode is getting more downloads? Or is it doing about the same and the increase is due to past episodes also continuing to be downloaded?

    One thing I’ve been learning is that it’s really helpful to have a large catalog of episodes. This makes you more likely to be found in searches and leads to more downloads. With a large catalog, your new episode gets a lot of initial downloads while each of your past episodes continue to be downloaded (at a slower rate) and it all adds up.

    It’s my understanding that the industry standard for advertising in podcasts is to only count the first six weeks of downloads. Based on the fact that ads are static and “locked into” an episode, that makes sense. On YouTube, the ads are dynamic so the preroll and banners change every day. Content producers over there are making money from their new videos as well as videos they might have made months or years ago. Fascinating stuff!

    Congratulations on making the leap into doing this full time. I know it’s scary but fear can sure be a great motivator as an entrepreneur. It certainly has been for me. Once you go to full time, do you plan to produce more than one episode a week? Do you have a plan on how you’ll divide your time? 🙂

    • Thank you Trevor!

      Your question about increases in downloads will be answered soon! My 30 days in review is coming up. I’ll post all my downloads per episode, and what happens to each one throughout the month. If you’re a statistic person like me, you’ll totally dig the numbers and trends. So I’m going to reserve that answer for a blog post.

      Yes, the larger the catalog, the more likely you’ll be found in a search. I agree. However… if you have a podcast on dog training, and you decide to record an episode on Make-up tips for dog owners, you won’t necessarily be found if someone is looking up make-up. A podcast about health and beauty would be more likely to get found, mainly because all the keywords in the title, description, and episodes will relate. Plus the fact that your category may not even fit for an episode about make-up. I have a feeling itunes search engine is smarter than that. Now I will say that if there are only two podcasts that talk about make-up, it is likely you’ll be discovered. But you’ll definitely be in last place.

      Sponsorship in podcasts typically run per episode, contracted a quarter (of the year) at a time. In other words, I could make an agreement with a sponsor to run a pre-roll for $250 per episode, for three months. I’ve not heard of the 6 week period you’re talking about, but I have reached out to a major company that I cannot name who said:

      “For CPM (Cost per Thousand) Ad campaigns we typically need a show to have at least 10,000 US downloads per month to be included in Ad Proposals and ideally we are looking for 5,000 US downloads per episode… Once you get close to the 10,000 US downloads per month / 5,000 US downloads per Episode level – please let us know”

      This means that once my numbers are 10000 a month (no problem when I’m in N & N), we’ll talk. Of course, 5000 downloads per episode (per month I assume) is much higher.

      So, from my experience, sponsors want download numbers. Period. Of course, a podcaster friend of mine reached out to a sponsor once and got a monthly deal without even asking about download numbers. So, it depends on who you reach out to! (His sponsor was very specific to the content of the show).

      My plan after my JOB is to go full force at podcasting, blogging, and producing video content. Let alone all the social media building and promoting that goes along with it. Will I be producing more than one show a week? I think that’s a definite yes. At least two for now. My shows are not half-hour cookie cutter, same questions over and over again type productions. I tailor-create each show and make each one unique. Much more editing and work goes into a custom show. So two a week, with the occasional bonus episodes is a great way to spend my time me thinks!

      You rock Trevor. Thanks for your continuous and amazing feedback and questions.

  • Paul

    Congrats on reaching the 10,000 mark. I was interested to know what your average is per month so far on downloads. Your daily looks real good though. I believe you are engaging your audience well and I look forward to seeing more of your journey.

    I don’t say it enough but thank you so much for chronicling your journey on PodcastReviewsHQ and I look forward to seeing the Paul Colaianni Effect Soon!

    Thank you as always

    • Ha ha, thank you Eric! That would be something… I think I affect myself : D

      Cannot comment on the monthly average yet, I haven’t had a month’s worth of shows! Ha ha. But, today is day 24 since my launch. I will have a cool 30 day review on that day. I appreciate your comments my friend.

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