The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 14

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Click here for the podcast!

Today is December 10th, 2013, 22 days after the launch of my podcast.

Well, over the last couple days, I found out some numbers from other podcasters in New and Noteworthy. We shared download stats, and the results surprised me. First off, you don’t need a lot of downloads to end up in New and Noteworthy. My feeling is that you end up in New and Noteworthy from any attention (Subscribes, downloads, ratings, reviews, etc). Though, to rank high, you probably need consistent attention of some sort.

So, how do I compare to the 3 or so other podcaster’s numbers? Well, one guy has a daily show, and gets about a 100 downloads a day. Another gets about 50 or so day. Another, between 150 and 300 a day. Me? Well, you know what I get if you’ve been reading through these. But, I’ll reveal the latest downloads now. Well… naw. Let’s look at the rankings first ; )

Current iTunes New and Noteworthy rankings:

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #31 (#30 yesterday)
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #2 (#2 yesterday)
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #2 (#2 yesterday)
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #2 (#2 yesterday)

OK, that’s surprising! Nearly identical to yesterday. It makes me wonder if the tagline to my show is helping people make the decision to click on it. It’s funny, I almost went with the tagline to my website: The Journey to a Stress-Free Life. But, I bet my podcast tagline is keeping me popular: The Personal Growth Podcast for the Critical Thinker.

As my friend Dean Patino, over at said: It’s edgy and provocative. Or something like that.  A catchy headline in a newspaper causes the article to be read, so why not the same with a podcast? Good to keep in mind.

Let’s see the most recent download stats from libsyn (I know, finally!)

  • Dec 4: 489 downloads
  • Dec 5: 300 downloads
  • Dec 6: 271 downloads
  • Dec 7: 286 downloads
  • Dec 8: 586 downloads
  • Dec 9: 694 downloads
  • Dec 10: 615 downloads

Total downloads to date:  9755 (was 8905 yesterday)

Oooh, another milestone coming up. 10000 downloads. I may have to order a pizza that day. Wow.

So there you have it. Out of the few podcasters I talked with, I have more downloads per day. What does this mean? Not much, not now. I have a very broad show about personal growth. It will reach a wider audience.

The other podcasters have a more narrow niche to work with, and will attract less listeners. However, those will be highly engaged listeners. I’d rather have a 100 loyal listeners than a 1000 that don’t care if I release another episode or not.

As it stands, I’m very happy to know that I’m not at the bottom. But I also definitely know I’m not at the top. I know my friend Justin is killing it with his house flipping show. It’s off the charts, always hitting number 1.

There’s a couple reasons for that: Justin is a total natural behind the mic. And when he talks, it always sounds like he’s smiling.  The second reason is that his content is epic. He gives it all away in both his blog and his shows. It’s just phenomenal. I’ve never seen such amazing content without a product funnel attached. He’s got a great combo, and I know he’s going to go far with that show well after N & N. And Justin, if you got the pingback from this post, I mean every word my friend.

So there you have it. Close to 10000 downloads in 22 days, with 34 days left before the cliff. With my multi-segment shows coming up, the download numbers will be telling  us a whole new story.

Stay tuned, so much more to come.


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  • Trevor Kimball

    Very interesting info that you’ve shared about the other new podcasts. The whole journey continues to be fascinating. Have you considered playing around with your tagline? Maybe a different one would work even better. Perhaps post over on the podcast forum a few choices and let people chime in on what they think would be the most compelling? The Journey to a Stress-Free Life is nice but I like The Steps to a Stress-Free Life or The Secrets to a Stress-Free Life even better.

    • I might mess with the tagline, but only when the downloads decrease. As of right now, don’t want to alter what might be a good system! I like your suggestions too, instead of journey, using a different word there. Very cool! I appreciate it.

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