The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast Journey – Post 11

Click here for the podcast!
Click here for the podcast!

Today is December 8th, 2013, 19 days after my podcast launched.

For some reason, Great Mustaches in History is still #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy. I really don’t know why. I listened to it, and it’s someone’s child reading a script about people with mustaches. Who knows, maybe I’m a bad judge on quality. Or maybe the kid’s last name is Jobs. Either way, go support it by giving it the best review you think it deserves. ; )

So, if you read my last post, you’ll remember I talked about the critical feedback I got from JDbkeeper. One of his suggestions was to have me shorten the intro because it took too long to get to the content. Well, the show I am releasing tomorrow has the longest intro yet, ha ha! 

First off, tomorrow’s show (show 0007 with Scott Barlow) is the first show I did almost completely unscripted. To celebrate that, I also did an entire monologue at the beginning, also unscripted. This brought the show’s intro to like 5 or so minutes.

During the monologue, I mentioned JDBkeeper’s review. So, it’s funny that he wanted me to shorten the intro, but I instead extended it, and talked about him. But, my comments were all positive – because I couldn’t be happier someone is paying that much attention to the show where they actually have suggestions for improvement. After all, he could have said it sucked, and left it at that!

The true achievement of today was the fact that I could actually do the entire show unscripted if I wanted to. I will still have a bunch of backup questions just in case, but now I feel more comfortable behind the mic, which allows me to relax and get into it more. 

So let’s check out current iTunes rankings:

  • All of New and Noteworthy: #97
  • Health New and Noteworthy: #16
  • Business New and Noteworthy: #22
  • Education New and Noteworthy: #16

Just under a 100 in All New and Noteworthy. What’s most interesting about this is that my last episode with Robert Ridpath has been my highest downloaded episode to date, yet I am at the lowest I’ve ever been in All N & N. Still fairing pretty well in the other categories though. Many good podcasts have been uploaded recently, many from people I know, so it doesn’t surprise me that competition for the top spots is getting tougher.

Here are the most recent download stats:

  • Dec 1: 1167 downloads
  • Dec 2: 680 downloads
  • Dec 3: 424 downloads
  • Dec 4: 489 downloads
  • Dec 5: 300 downloads
  • Dec 6: 271 downloads
  • Dec 7: 286 downloads

Total downloads to date: 7650 (was 6842 on Dec. 4th)

Tomorrow at 3:30 AM is the release of the next episode. Those numbers will indicate quite a bit. It will be interesting to see how close they match last Sunday’s release (806 for the day).
I’ll keep you informed.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions below.


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  • Kimberly

    I laughed when I read this – as you will see in your last post, I commented on the Mustache show. Cute for sure but not sure it lends itself to reataining the #1 spot in all N&N – but as you said, who knows who he is related to :). With that being said, if you have any suggestions on how to bump up our exposure on our podcast, I would love to hear them. Willing to try anything 🙂
    Again thank you for your transparency – it helps those of us who really don’t know what we are doing!

    • My pleasure Kimberly. I just looked you up (Balancing Pointe – ballet podcast – rated, reviewed, and subscribed too!) and the first thing I noticed is that I had no idea you had a ballet / more than just ballet podcast because the graphics and letters on your thumbnail were too tiny. I would increase the size of your logo and wording so you can read it clearly.

      Secondly, exposure is a huge word. There are multiple ways. Fortunately, you have such a niched-down subject, it will be easier for you to do some targeting. Here’s the number one thing I do continually: PROVIDE VALUE to everyone in your niche.
      Join ballet message boards, groups, and the like. The more you are actively involved, the more the word will get around. Promote others. Reach out to people who need help or advice, and provide it. Making a name for yourself can take makes (it has for me) but pretty soon people will start to recognize and trust you, because you are always around and always helping.

      Second, if you can afford it, join a mastermind (wait, are you in one already?). You will get continuous feedback daily about what you need to do to continue improving your image and popularity. I’d recommend a mastermind of other podcasters, but I’m a tad biased because that’s the direction I took. If you can find a mastermind that uses Facebook or some other instant talk system, that’s my preference.

      Third (but not least, because there are so many more ways), don’t be afraid to be more authentic on your shows. My last show (released this morning) was the first time I decided to just be myself at the intro.

      BONUS: I got this from Pat Flynn, go into Amazon, and check out the new releases in Books. Get a hold of the author of one of those books and ask them to be on your show. Your niche will narrow that down for sure, but every new author wants to get their book out there, using every medium they can. Reaching out to people who want to be in front of a crowd has been good for me too.

      Thanks for commenting Kimberly! Happy to help where I can.

      • Kimberly

        Paul –

        Firstly THANK YOU for taking the time to provide such words of wisdom. I know you are just starting out as well – but your advice is based upon recent experience and therefore very timely for us. Each of your suggestoins make TOTAL sense.

        1.) We are having our logo tweaked as we speak. Once we were launched we realized it looked VERY bland online when it is a smaller size (like on twitter, itunes, instagram etc). We are having the color scheme changed and hope this will help. We are also trying to figure out whether to lose the tagline for smaller icons or increase the size – thoughts?

        2.) Love this one – we have since begun to reach out more to our niched sites – and it seems to be working. Baby steps for sure.

        3.) I am a member of podcasters paradise – does that count as a master mind? If not – any suggestions?

        4.) When you speak to authenticity on shows – can you explain more specifically what you mean? I agree with what you are saying but not entirely sure how…..or what parts of it need this? I do feel that I am better with some interviews than others and that I am slowly getting better over time. Biggest problem is what I spoke of earlier – I taped 20 shows before editing to learn what needed help – so I may just need to sprinkle the recent with the original 20 so as to sound less “green”.

        5.) Love the BONUS – great idea!!

        And finally – just a random ITUNES question – what do the popularity bars next to the episode mean? We have some interviews with a ton of bars but fewer downloads and other interviews with no bars and a TON of downloads? Is this because some are being downloaded more from other hosting platforms? Just curious.

        One more finally – how have you encouraged reviews on itunes? We’ve begged/asked family, friends, facebook and email – and have received almost no responses.

        Thanks again Paul – and best of luck in your transition over the next few weeks – I think you are doing a bang up job so keep it up!!

        • Kimberly

          Let me just say first off thank you so much for coming to my site and wanting to learn how you can better your podcast. Feel free to submit your podcast to me and I will get it entered into the directory. Also, I am working on my podcast and getting things together to launch it and I will be sure to do your review on the show as well.

          Second I wanted to see if I could answer a couple of your questions which I know Paul will add his insight as well.

          1) It is great that you have joined Podcasters Paradise. I highly recommend it for the community that it provides and the feedback you can draw from that community. I am not sure that John set this up as a mastermind though. While you have several like minded individuals in the group it is such a big community it will be hard to get that one on one coaching as I do in Fire Nation Elite. I know that FNE is currently full but you can always sign up for a spot when it comes available. I also heard that Michael O’Neal at has started a mastermind and you may want to check into that if you are interested. Otherwise there are many masterminds out there and eventually I see PodcastReviewsHQ having one but at this stage I don’t feel I am ready.

          2) I am not sure about the popularity bars but I thought it was because of how many downloads that particular show got or it could be based on how many reviews you got off that one episode. I am not sure but Paul could know. If not I will be sure and research that and see what they mean.

          3) Kind of goes with the mastermind as it answers your question about how we can R&R for our shows. I know with FNE and its supportive community we all try to R&R anyone’s show that is in the group. But let me clarify this, and say none of the reviews are biased. We all do our best to be honest and give the best possible review for the show. We work very hard bouncing ideas off each other in the group and do it honestly. I admit you kind of have to go into it knowing your feelings could be hurt by some of the criticism but we all do it with the idea of making sure the group is successful. With you being a member of PP I would suggest if you have not done so already to put it out to the community and see if you can get some more R&R for your show.

          I hope this has helped you and as I said I am sure Paul will be responding to answer some more of your questions and to put his insight in as well. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if there is anything I can help you with.

          Thank you

        • Oh Kimberly, if you liked the bonus, you’ll love what I have coming up in a future post. Stay tuned for that!

          OK, you ready for the longest reply to a comment ever? Hold on…

          Thank you so much for your continued feedback, and especially these great questions! Eric did an amazing job answering them already, but I’ll also provide you with my point of view as well. Let’s go:

          I say Absolutely keep the tagline. I think half the reason people click on my podcast is because of my tagline. Even though “The Overwhelmed Brain” is kind of enticing by itself, Balancing Pointe doesn’t say much on its own.

          One piece of feedback however, your tagline talks about ballet, but your description gets into all kinds of topics. This confuses me. First, I think it’s a show solely about ballet, then I see that you cover almost all aspects of show creation, design, recording, writing, etc… I wonder if you need a different tagline? If you stick with Ballet for the tagline, you will miss a ton of traffic looking for that other stuff. You need a more umbrella term (in my opinion) that covers all those topics. This is a really bad off the cuff example:
          “From Crew To Creation: Behind The Scenes of Theater”

          Don’t use that, it’s not POP enough, but if your show really does cover more than ballet, you’ve got to let people know in the tagline. OR niche your show down to just ballet, or just film making, etc.

          Podcasters’ Paradise is a mastermind of sorts. However, I view it as more of an endless resource for podcasters (and a really good one at that) as opposed to a one on one accountability and support group that the right mastermind can offer.

          A mastermind can run you anywhere from 99 to 300+ a month. I joined Fire Nation Elite a few months back, and let me tell you… it was and is the best investment. The quality of support, feedback, and input has caused me to make major changes to my business model (well, my casual model for now, but soon to be business). Without these shifts, I don’t believe I would have gotten as far as I did. In fact, I know I wouldn’t have gotten far at all.

          You’d be amazed what you’re capable of when like-minded people are there to support and encourage you all the way. That’s what I get from my mastermind daily. Never mind all the free advice from professionals in their respective fields! In my opinion, the right MM will save you years on growing your platform.

          As far as authenticity, check out the blogs I’m writing here! I lay it all out there. I speak truthfully of how terrible I was as a guest on someone’s show. I speak about my hopes, and my vulnerabilities. I stay as candid as I can, because people connect with other people that are open.

          “Be yourself” is so cliche, so let me give you an example of being authentic. Last night I recorded one of my Holiday Blues episodes. During my interview, I talked about how grateful I was for something. I actually choked up! I started tearing up, and you could tell in my voice I could hardly contain a cry. I’m not going to edit it out.
          It was me. It was true.

          Authenticity to me is just putting yourself out there for everyone to laugh at, cry with, and connect with – because they sense your honesty. I won’t say it will work for every type of show. But it does help when you can pretend you trust every single listener implicitly. When you can do that, you are authentic.

          I wouldn’t worry about editing your first 20 episodes too much. In fact, keep them as they are, and add an intro. Your intros can tell the listeners, “Hey, I was so green doing these first episodes, but I love what this guest has to say about…” or whatever. You can actually have fun poking fun of yourself. Just a thought.

          The iTunes Popularity bars, at least in my case, are directly proportional to the number of downloads I show in libsyn. So, your results are interesting! Has one show been out longer than the other? I have a feeling there are more factors involved, but Apple keeps their lips tight on these things, along with all the other podcasts stats unfortunately!

          My supportive mastermind knows the value in giving. They came through when I asked them to rate, review, and subscribe to my show. And they loved it, so they rated it as such. Forget asking any friends or relatives to rate and review your show, especially if they don’t listen to podcasts. It’s not going to happen easily.

          My advice is to rate, review and subscribe to other podcaster’s shows, then send them a message that you loved (or hated) the show, and you gave them a rating, review and subscribe. Make sure you tell them you are a fellow podcaster and know the value of R, R, and S! Imagine doing that for 500 or more podcasters? Just sayin…

          You’re awesome Kimberly. I hope you got the answers you were looking for. Again, I appreciate your amazing feedback and questions!

  • Trevor Kimball

    I noticed the Mustaches podcast as well but didn’t bother to look at it. Maybe people are just downloading it because of the title. Maybe I should do a mustache podcast… there’s obviously a demand.

    BTW, I was going on iTunes after I read this page and you’re currently #63 in overall N&N. I’m beginning to think that tracking N&N rank is like trying to track subscribers. Check 10 times, you’ll get 10 different numbers. 🙂

    • Absolutely Trevor, that’s totally true. Right now in fact, iTunes N & N top 4 podcasts haven’t moved for days. This is unusual, as this area tends to randomize quite a bit. I refuse to believe that highly edited, child reading from a script, mustache show is that appealing to a broad market. Unless there are a lot of parents with high aspirations for their own children!

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