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Started: 2013

Updated: Weekly

Media: Audio

Format: Interview


Hosts: Brandon Roberts & Brantley Whitley


Our idea is to provide another avenue that we can add more value to our community and to cover more ground than we’re often able to do in a text-based blog post. The Insurance Pro Blog was originally launched in the summer of 2011 as a way to debunk myths and false teachings offered by much of the financial press as it relates to life insurance. Our goal with the Financial Procast is to add on to the conversation regarding all things life insurance, annuities, and finance but also to open up our conversation to other financial related topics. In writing articles or blog posts, sometimes it can be difficult to help you connect all the dots. What do we mean? Well…an article or post is typically limited to an isolated topic, just because nobody wants to read a whole book every time they visit our site. But our hope with the podcast is that we can take some of the concepts we discuss and tie them in to “real life” scenarios that will help paint a clearer picture to our audience. Our sincere hope is that you will listen regularly, make suggestions, and send us your questions. We are open to discussing any topic related to personal finance and welcome our audience to participate in the discussion. Your comments and questions will help us cover what’s most relevant and interesting to you, so please email us to give us feedback!

HQ Review:

I will admit when I first started to listen to this podcast I thought I would hate it and it would be full of a lot of technical mumbo jumbo, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got into the show. This show is full of good information that can help you understand insurance, retirement and just about anything to do with money and protecting your money and your life.

The hosts are very pleasant to listen to and chock full of information to help you plan for your future. I thought everything seemed into the show nicely and the show is does not feel like the information dictates the length of the podcast. The episode I listened to was a little over thirty minutes and it did not seem that long at all. The format is put together well and I would recommend you give this a chance and add it to your playlist.

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