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What Does 2014 Have In Store For Podcasting?

I recently read an article by Tom Martin from 2012 that talked about the future of podcasting and asked if 2013 could be the year of the podcasts. Using data that he compelled did not show a major upswing in the amount of listeners versus the amount of podcasts being generated for 2012 he felt that 2013 would not be that year. ...

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How to Pay for College HQ Podcast

iTunes Listener Rating: 5 Stars Started: 2013 Updated: Weekly Media: Audio Format: Interview Website: www.howtopayforcollegehq.com Hosts: Celest Horton Description: The How to Pay for College HQ Podcast will provide inspiration and guidelines to help parents and students learn what preparation and steps can be taken to earn a degree debt free without the assistance of loans. With the national student loan debt in excess of $1.1 ...

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