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Paul Colaianni wideBack in July of 2013, I was working in IT in a large hospital being built in Oregon. I actually enjoyed the job quite a bit. I like projects where I am given a task, no matter how big or small, and asked to complete it however I see fit. During my year and two months at this hospital, I kept hearing how they ‘just loved me‘ there. As an IT contractor, you like to hear this stuff, because you could eventually get hired on full time.

Week after week of, “Hey, we might have something lined up for you!“, and “I just spoke with the manager, you’re a shoe in for sure!” And time and time again, I’d hear very similar things. I thought, “Cool! Guess I’ll be working here soon! Full time, benefits, vacation days, the works!

So I kept enjoying the work I was doing, knowing that as the project came to an end, I’d certainly be hired into a full-time role.

About a few weeks before project ended, I called one of the managers who’d been saying that I’d be a great fit here, and I asked him, straight up:

When this project ends, is there a position waiting for me?

His answer?

Well, just keep an eye on the internal job boards. I don’t really have the authority, and don’t really know what will happen after the project ends.

I was kind of crushed. They kept the carrot dangling in front of me for over a year. Then when I finally got it in my mouth, it was one of those fake, plastic, toy carrots. I felt defeated. The work after that felt more like “work” then ever. I had none of the enthusiasm I had before. It was like I was digging the same hole day after day, and it never got deeper or bigger. Just harder to dig.

It was just about that same time I decided that I was done working for other people. I realized no one can promise me where I’ll be tomorrow, or next year. And that if I am to rely on anyone, it has to be myself. The only dangling carrots I will chase from now on are the ones I hang in front of myself.

From that point on, I changed my focus. I gave up thinking that I’d ever get hired there (which was a big relief, not wondering all the time), and started to focus on how I could create the life I wanted. I rediscovered the podcast world (I had listened hear and there over the years, but never got hooked). I listened to people John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, and Cliff Ravenscraft. They always sounded like they enjoyed what they were doing. Then I found out that they were creating businesses doing this stuff.

The light bulb went on. THIS is what I want to do! And I also suddenly remembered that broadcasting was something that I’ve wanted for a long time. I had always wanted to be a radio announcer. People have said for years that I have a great voice for radio. And now, I was reading and listening to everything I could about podcasting, and getting so jazzed about it all, and it’s the same thing! The next few months would change not only my entire way of thinking, but my way of life.

The money I had been saving all this time was finally getting put to use. I bought 3 years of webhosting, the domain:, the Genesis Lifestyle WordPress theme, about $1800 worth of audio equipment and cabling, and joined the Fire Nation Elite mastermind. I went all in, knowing exactly what I wanted to do.

Which leads to today. In this series of posts, I’ll share with you my journey, every step of the way. My wins, my losses, and most of all, my learnings. I will be as transparent as I can possibly be, in hopes that you will learn from my writings, and save some time, money and energy along your journey to success. I have some very recent news I can’t wait to share with you, but I must save it for my next post.

Thank you to Eric Fisk, who created this website,, for giving me a platform to let loose, be myself, and share with the world. And thank you, the reader, for connecting with me today.

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