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SPI 199: The Marketing Effort Behind Will It Fly?

We did it: Will It Fly? has launched, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Now, with launch day behind us, I want to introduce a few of the people who made the release of Will It Fly? such a success. Back in Episode 138, you met a few members of Team Flynn, the incredible group of minds that makes things happen at SmartPassiveIncome.com. ...

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Will It Fly Is Live!

After a year long journey, lots of early morning writing sessions and many hours of research and implementation, I’m incredibly thrilled to announce that my new book, Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money is now live and available for purchase! Paperback and Kindle versions are now available: Note: Kindle ...

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The num. 1 thing that sets successful individuals apart

There are certain characteristics we look for within certain groups of individuals when we’re striving to be like those individuals. For example, if you want to be a teacher, then you would look to other teachers to see what actions they’ve taken, and better yet, what types of strengths they possess that have helped them get to where they are ...

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377: Pat Flynn: Test Your Business Before You Invest

If you’ve ever invested time, energy and money into a business only to have it fail because there wasn’t a market for it you are in good company! And you will love Pat Flynn’s latest book; it’s called Will It Fly?. On episode 377 of The Solopreneur Hour, Pat and I dig into the impetus for this book, what publishing ...

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Hurt people hurt people

Trolls… Haters… Meanies… Call them what you want, this topic has to be discussed. The Internet has SO MUCH power. Some choose to wield it for good, others sadly…for evil. The fact that a negative comment on an Instagram post from a troll 8000 miles away can INSTANTLY ruin a person’s day is pretty scary… But it’s reality. Do I ...

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376: Why I’m So Naughty, Choosing A Coach, & Free Coaching Friday!

Hi y’all.  Today’s questions were simply sublime.  Thanks for answering.  If you’d like your chance to ask questions, simply text the word “solohour” to 33444, and jump on the mailing list.  Or, you can click to your right and download the 8 3/4 Steps of Becoming A Successful Solopreneur.  See you next week! The post 376: Why I’m So Naughty, ...

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Episode 94: Marine, Combat Veteran, Inspirational Speaker and Consultant Justin Constantine

Background Justin Constantine, Marine, Speaker, Consultant, Author Justin Constantine is a Retired United States Marine Corps Officer, Leadership Consultant, Speaker and Author. He grew up in Virginia, and joined the Marine Corps while in Law School. He served a a Judge Advocate while on active duty. While serving in the Marine Corps Reserves in 2006, he volunteered to deploy as a ...

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How to set review periods to get one step closer to your goal

I used to get SO nervous come report card time in school. I was the most straight and narrow student you could imagine: I never broke the rules on recess, I always said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and I worked my rear off to get good grades. Still, every time I knew a report card was following me home from ...

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SPI 198: Building a Book Launch “Street Team” (Plus Pre-Order)

I’d like you to meet someone who’s been invaluable in making my next book a reality. He’s Daniel Decker, the man behind the Will It Fly? launch team. If you’re new to the incredible power of launch teams, this episode is for you. Daniel is a master at building community. He’s managed launch teams for authors like Michael Hyatt and Lewis Howes and taken the ...

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