Building An Audience Using Bubblews

What is Bubblews? It is a website I found recently when I was searching around the Internet for ways to help promote my website and its content. What I found was an instant interactive community of bloggers. This community is very active and brings instant likes and shares to your content along with views. I shared an excerpt of one of my posts and I received instant views and some likes as well.

Bubblews For Change

When you visit and sign up for an account at Bubblews you not only get access to their large community of users but you also get access to a money system that will allow you to make money while you are blogging. Using views, likes, shares and comments your post will receive a 50/50 split of the revenue generated from ads that are posted on your post. While this is a plus this was not my soul reason for signing up to this community. I wanted to generate more traffic and open it up to building a larger fanbase while building my authority in Podcasting. I will share those results as the weeks go on. Feel free to check out Bubblews and see how it can help you build your audience and leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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