5 Killer Resources To Help Start Your Podcast!

I have put together 5 killer resources that I feel can help you build your Podcast Empire!

#1 – Website – HostGator

Every Podcaster needs a website to help their audience engage and build a following. Using your website you will want to post show notes and information about your episodes. Write blog posts that you can help share information on or to convey your message a little more clearer. You need it so your listeners can contact you with questions or comments about your show. I personally use HostGator for my hosting and you can purchase your domain through HostGator as well. Check them out today and get your website started now.


#2 Audio Editing Software – Audacity

Every Podcaster needs audio editing software unless they are hiring someone to edit it for them. I recommend using Audacity if you are first starting up. It has all the features you need to get started recording and editing your audio and doesn’t require some big fancy sound board to run for great quality. Best of all Audacity is FREE!


#3 Email Capture

You have your podcast live and your website is getting traffic, how do help build that following and spread your message? By email of course. Using Hybrid Connect with your WordPress website you can collect those precious email addresses that will allow you to promote, communicate and engage with your listeners outside of your podcast. This tool is simple to set-up and use, so simple that it only takes minutes to set-up and their is several videos to help walk you through it.


#4 CRM Tool – Infusion Soft

What is this? You need an all in one versatile tool that will help you keep organized and build your sales. Infusionsoft does that with their all in one CRM platform. By combining contact management, CRM, marketing and e-commerce into one you don’t need another tool to run your business.


#5 Podcaster’s Paradise – Enter Paradise Here

Don’t feel alone with a community of like minded individuals all striving for one goal, to create, grow and monetize their podcast. Podcaster’s Paradise is full of tutorials, video resources and many other informational products that can help you build your podcast. There is also a forum devoted to giving you a place to go to ask questions and get those coveted reviews that you need to stay at the top of your game in iTunes. This is not a monthly membership plan, pay one price and you have a lifetime membership, yes I said a Lifetime Membership. Don’t drag your feet too long though the price changes everyday and you don’t want to wait until tomorrow to get started today!


That’s it 5 killer resources that will help you build your podcast empire! Don’t wait get started using them today!


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