10 Great Quotes By Military Veteran Entrepreneurs

Military Veteran Entrepreneur QUotes

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I have had to opportunity to talk to many great and inspiring Veteran Entrepreneurs in the past two years. They come from all branches, and all walks of life. They have started some amazing companies. Below are 10 (but by no means all) of the great quotes from my interviews.

  1. Everyone looks at these cases of guys that are wildly successful right out of the gate. I will say that is the exception and not the rule…..The elevator to success is broken, you have got to take the stairs.”Matt “Griff” Griffin, Founder Combat Flip Flops, Episode 47
  2. “This is going to be a huge part of your life….make sure  you believe in what you are doing.”Greg Call, Founder PatriotMove, Episode 46
  3. “I don’t get wrapped up in over thinking the pivot… This isn’t working let’s go, move, do it, make a difference.”Fred Wellman, Founder ScoutComms, Episode 38
  4. “For 8 months I slept in my car between activities….I don’t think other people out there would be as willing to live as low to the ground and as sleep deprived as I did, but to a regular military person you just make some strong coffee and drive on … “Justen Garrity, Founder Veteran Compost, Episode 24
  5. “You need to be the chief Kool-Aid drinker of what you are doing. You need to believe in it more than any other human alive.”Edward Domain, Founder Techli, Episode 75
  6. “Don’t Get Wrapped Up in the superficial stuff or the trivial stuff. Don’t worry about a name or a title or even  entities.. the first thing you have to do if you want to start a business is sell …if you can sell something you can start a business.”Tom Morkes, Founder Insurgent Publishing, Episode 32
  7. “If you have an idea, the worst thing you can do is just hold on to that idea and never action on it…You have to become a person of action and intent. You have to start. If you don’t start, it doesn’t exist.”Evan Hafer, Co-Founder TwistRate, Episode 51
  8. “I am not a gambler. I don’t like to gamble because I can’t control the outcome, but I am more than willing to bet on myself.”Carl Churchill, Co-Founder Lock-n-Load Java, Episode 26
  9. “If you have it in you to take that oath, then you have it in you to start a business and to succeed at it…” – Greg Coleman, Co-Founder Nexercise, Episode 72
  10. “I would absolutely encourage veterans to pursue this path…If you can live with the fact that you might fail, and that’s ok…you can do it…there is no better status symbol right now than to be a veteran entrepreneur. People want us to succeed…we have spent careers defending the American Dream of business ownership, and now it is our time to participate in that dream of business ownership.”Craig Cummings, Co-Founder RideScout, Episode 62

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